Our transport management solutions are designed to enable the effective and efficient management of the delivery of goods within the supply chain. Having the real-time visibility of vehicle movements against a delivery plan enables the proactive management of issues as they arise during the day. We have the ability to plan vehicle routes whether long-haul or multi-drop local delivery and track delivery progress in real-time to measure driver performance utilising global best-of-breed market leading technologies.

 Services Offered

  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Driver & engine management
  • Advanced fleet & engine management tools
  • Route planning & optimisation
  • Fleet sizing optimisation
  • What-if analysis.
  • Route compliance management
  • Cold chain temperature real-time monitoring
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • 24/7 call centre and national recovery

Potential benefits

  • Increased services levels on-time in full deliveries
  • Reduced unauthorised use of company vehicles
  • Reduction in number of unrecoverable loads from vehicle hijacks
  • Effectively manage turn around times
  • Improved vehicle utilisation
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Improved control & accuracy of delivery documentation
  • Improved stock traceability
  • Flexibility and scalability

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