Electronic Data Interchange

EDI allows for secure and real-time data exchange across multiple industries, systems, platforms and users via a single Web & EDI solution known as the "MyXchange Web Interface”.

For users who do not have full EDI solutions in place, or for entities using their own IT platforms, our solutions will supply data electronically in their preferred format whilst still posting a copy of all transactions to the Web Portal as a backup measure.


Making collaboration a reality through improved systems integration and visibility.


MySils is an automated JIT call off solution which provides real time production line updates and prints a call off automatically when a vehicle has reached the correct checkpoint. A MySils call off is packed and shipped in the correct production line sequence and therefore provides a scanning module and various call off documents (job card, picking slip, assembly list). The solution provides planning reports for units scheduled for production and units on the production line that require parts.

The system operates via the internet, on a basic computer with network and laser printer capabilities. It is fully hosted on the MyXchange backbone, meaning that you have 24 hour support and a dedicated DR facility.

It consists of the following Modules:

  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Delivery and Invoicing
  • Setup and Administration
  • Scanning of Deliveries
  • Statistics


MyOrders purchasing solution offers full supply chain visibility for all role players. It enables suppliers/clients to view their orders, create Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASN), manage orders and print packaging labels via the MyXchange website. The relevant customer is also able to view the status of these messages in real-time and is able to manage the suppliers by using the portal’s reporting functionality. The MyOrders purchase order process was initially designed for the automotive OEM P&A departments but has grown substantially since inception and is now used in many other industries.

The MyOrders Solution offers a reduction in costs by not requiring expensive ERP/MRP systems to view and interact with Order/Release as well as shipping data and processes, and only requires a computer with Internet access. It allows supplier to track, view and process shipping requests online which will automatically update your Requestor’s ERP system and affords full visibility of the supply chain processes in a secure environment for both supplier and requestor.


MyKanban is a web-based Kanban solution which works on a principle of replacing buffer stock. MyKanban monitors the production line movements in real time and will generate a Kanban ticket once the bin full amount is achieved. The Kanban ticket which is generated is then tracked through a life cycle until it is confirmed and delivered to the OEM.

MyKanban is built on the MyXchange backbone, therefore functionality common to the MyRelease process is used. Advantageously, MyKanban can be used from any internet enabled computer and no software is installed. The MyKanban solution is divided into the following modules:

  • Kanban Ticket Tracking
  • ASN Module
  • Call off Preview
  • Planning Reports & Administration


The MyExports website facilitates coordination between Original Equipment Manufacturers, component suppliers and Logistics Service Providers, ensuring a full electronic integration with all the relevant role players. Information is communicated electronically to provide better planning and alerts on all key events.

Perishable Products Exports Control Board

A new Collaborative XChange solution has been developed for the Perishable Products Exports Control Board (PPECB) of South Africa. This solution assists in automating inspection and various Cold Chain services in an effort to automatically and electronically produce an Export Certificate which will be an exporter’s key for International Trade.

The web based interface allows access to any user with a computer and the internet and contains the various business rules associated with the issuance and processes leading up to the Export Certificate for easy reference.

All pallet/product information can either be captured or you can submit an EDI file to CX at which point CX will auto populate the information on the web portal. Afterwards, all movement of pallet/product information is visible on the web interface for all relevant parties involved. The solution ties in with the freight forwarders, pack houses, shipping lines and all other role player forming parts of the chain.

The solution offers complete traceability of information throughout the chain of events, an increase in data accuracy and reduction in time as well as full disaster recovery of all data.

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