Supply Chain Consulting

A core focus of supply chain management is finding the balance between inventory stockholding and location versus the associated warehousing and inventory costs tied up in this process. Stock availability and flexibility are critical to ensure a rapid response to changing customer demand.

We analyse the alignment of the company's internal Sales, Manufacturing, Logistics and Finance departments to optimise stock holding whilst maximising stock availability. Our supply chain consulting service draws on the extensive knowledge base of a team of experts to realign or redesign a company's internal processes and optimise its external supply chain.

Services offered

  • Supply chain consulting assessments
  • Supply chain network analysis
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Advance planning technologies
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Implementation of demand, supply and replenishment solutions
  • Ongoing training & support

Potential benefits

  • Improved sales forecast accuracy
  • Improved stock availability
  • Reduction in lost sales
  • Reduction in stock obsolescence and write-offs
  • Determine cost to serve
  • Improved supply chain capacity to handle more volume
  • Lower supply chain costs through facility consolidation
  • Increased flexibility to react to changing customer demands

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