Network Modelling

Optimising the supply chain

VSC utilises a powerful decision support software application used for supply chain modelling, strategic  network design and optimisation. The multi-time period optimisation of this solution permits optimisation of the network migration/implementation plan as well as allowing for stock build optimisation in response to seasonality and supply and demand.

This solution, as well as helping you to identify greater supply cost chain savings, will also permit you to strategically and tactically engage with your supply chain on an ongoing basis.

Cost saving is the name of the game as Network Modelling will allow you to determine the optimal geographic location of warehouses, compare supply chain costs, determine the impact on transport costs when using your own vehicles for inter-warehouse transfers, and in the eco-conscious day and age, compare your supply chain CO2 footprint.

Strategic Exercises

Distribution centre site locations

  • Determine the least cost depot location.
  • Based on geographic location of customers and average delivery size and frequency of orders.

Customer/Depot assignments

  • Determines which customers should be serviced by which depot. Lowest total cost based on capacity/cost of depot, customer order patterns and distance to customers.

Territory Balancing

  • Splitting up large geographic areas into an optimal number of smaller distribution and/or sales territories and balancing the workload across such territories. Used in selected:
    • Service day assignments.
    • Master Route optimisation exercises.
    • Rep calling cycle optimisation.
    • Assignments of customers to distribution centres.
    • Different product/commodity type distribution strategies.
    • Local vs. Country/Bottom vs. Top End delivery strategies.

Service day assignment

  • Assigning nominated delivery days to customers to balance the workload across the distribution cycle and minimise distribution costs.
  • Balanced by stops, vehicles/vehicle types used, service time and weight/volume/cases.
  • Allows for accurate demand forecasting and distribution visibility.
  • Historic order frequency and average order size calculations can be made quickly while assessing the impact on distribution.
  • Creates a base from where current model and distribution strategy can be scrutinised.

Fleet configuration exercises

  • Defines the optimum fleet size and configuration.
  • Considers peaks and valleys and builds around predetermined distribution strategies and assumptions.

Rep Calling Cycle Optimisation

  • Balancing of rep calling cycles based on order frequency/calling strategy. Considers:
    • Time for predetermined set meetings/admin etc.
    • Customer and specific customer types assigned to specific reps/ level of expertise.
    • Proximity to reps home base if required.
    • Balanced by total time per day, minimising travel time and distance and increasing total customers serviced.

Stock Forecasting

Accuracy and improved stock performance

Netstock allows you to manage your stock without implementing additional costly and time consuming measures. Using the latest advances in technology, the Netstock solution will provide an easy-to-use and easy to deploy inventory management solution for your ERP System.

The main purpose of this solution is to generate line item forecasts, keeping track of your stock delivery history, automatically extracting inventory data from your ERP system, identifying stock out items on a daily basis and, amongst other features, calculating re-order quantities to achieve your target fill rates.

Developing a Model Stock will assist in improving availability and reducing stock, realistically setting targets for stock turns and fills, calculating re-order triggers and safety stocks as well as identifying and managing your surplus and shortfall inventory. Netstock is distributed by VSc Solutions and aims to improve the efficiency of your business.

Business Intelligence

Flexible web-based interaction on the go

This VSc solution is a web-based platform that enables you to create your own interactive dashboards and reports, share them online, and keep track of important business developments on your mobile devices.

A wide selection of high quality data visualisations, flexible designer, and powerful scripting engine allow you to create interactive, custom dashboards to meet the most demanding business requirements. The beauty of this solution is that it provides Business Intelligence across all your data. Dundas Business Intelligence draws data from a number of sources to help drive informed business decisions, and with seamless integration into your existing security systems and web applications, you can spend less time worrying about deployment and more time thinking about your business.

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