Mobile Division

Route Compliance Management | Daily Route Manager

Q: I have a tool that enables me to plan routes, but I have no idea if they are being executed according to the plan. How can I manage this?

A: DRM has the ability to import your routes from any system and combines this with real time data from your telematics units, providing you with a dashboard comparing your planned routes to actual performance.

Q: I want to start a driver incentive scheme and require a tool to score my drivers based on drive style. How can this be done?

A: DRM has the ability to provide you with a driver scorecard report. Driver profiles are setup and weighted as per customer requirements on speeding, harsh braking, excessive idle, harsh acceleration and excessive rpm.

Q: I currently debrief my drivers upon return regarding pod’s, stock returns, etc. I want to start including route adherence as well as driving behavior as part of this process. How can this be managed?

A: DRM has a debrief report that is automatically triggered and e-mailed to a dedicated debriefer(s) after completion of a route. This lists a comparison between planned and actual route data such as travel time, total route time, travel km’s, route sequences as well as driving exceptions generated on the route. Both the driver and debriefer can comment and sign-off the report and filed under the specific driver.

Q: I want to identify customers that continuously exceed planned delivery times which negatively impacts on my delivery schedules. How can this be done?

A: DRM has a Customer Turnaround Time report which can be extracted over a period of time to identify TAT trends per customer, which could then be used to negotiate.

Q: I want to improve service levels and relationships with my customers by notifying them of changes in the delivery schedule i.e. early or late arrivals expected. How can this be done?

A: DRM has the ability to provide feedback on ETA’s via the gantt chart, selected reports within the software and sms notifications can be setup to a designated person (s) at the customer being delivered to.

Q: I need to know when I should have my staff preparing for the next delivery; I need a system that notifies my early enough so that I don’t have any delays on my deliveries?

A: DRM could integrate with your Warehouse Management System to alert your staff that picking needs to begin (Once he has departed from last customer); as well as notify the driver of which loading bay he needs to go to (upon depot arrival).

Planning Division

Network Modeling

Q: What is supply chain network optimisation?

A: An optimization for one’s supply chain network determines the optimal network structure by assessing the opportunities, feasibility, risks and implications of implementing different supply chain strategies. It can be used to assess the impact and to determine a strategy when there is increased growth, acquisition of a new business or product etc.

Q: What is optimized in a network optimisation?

A: A network optimisation scrutinizes your current supply chain and provides a solution on how to run your business effectively, obtaining the highest profits with the lowest wastage, cost and risk. Ultimately it should be able to answer the following questions in your business.

Where should I hold my inventory be held?

Where and how many manufacturing plants should there be?

Where and how many distribution centres should there be?

Should transporting be owned or a 3rd party used?

What are my staffing requirements?

Should I use cross-docking facilities?

When should I open or close an additional facility?

Q: What are the benefits to optimise my supply chain network?

A: A Network optimisation gives a holistic overview over the entire supply chain network of a company. It can help to gain insight on current processes, profits and expenditures and can compare various future scenarios to assists with strategic decision making within a company. Not only does it generate and evaluate various options and test the impact on your business, but it applies rigorous processes to remove the emotion and politics out of the decision making process..


Q: How many vehicles can Motion handle?

A: Ideally less than 25 vehicles per day

Q: Can Motion handle both Master and Dynamic routing environments?

A: Motion can either apply Master routes and give the user the ability to manually make changes or automatically and dynamically route daily orders

Q: Does Motion take customer service time windows into account?

A: Motion looks at customer open and close times as well as delivery windows within the open day

Q: Can I plan both deliveries and collections through the software?

A: Yes, both deliveries and collections can be handled in Motion

Q: Can I have multiple users working on the planning software?

A: Yes, you can assign multiple users with specific privileges allocated for each user.

Q: Can I access the planning software from my home?

A: Yes, you can access Motion software from any PC that has an internet connection. There is a quick file download needed for the initial setup when ran for the first time on a PC.


Q: How often should I update my customer TAT details?

A: Turnaround time updates should be done at least every 3 months to ensure accurate routing.

Q: Why does Roadshow not give me accurate routes?

A: Roadshow takes a lot of rules and parameters into account when auto-routing, including, customer location and TAT, volume, and vehicle availability and capacity. Has all these parameters been setup correctly?

Q: How does Roadshow calculate distances and time?

A: Roadshow uses and external network based on the latest available maps for path and distance calculations.


Q: What is a balanced distribution model?

A: A balanced distribution model spreads your stops, volumes, time and vehicles evenly over the delivery week or cycle resulting in stability and predictability in warehouse and distribution operations.

Q: How do I know I have the correct delivery fleet size and number?

A: By using historic data in both volumes and delivery frequency a fleet mix exercise determines the optimised least cost number and size vehicles to use for distribution.

Q: Should my sales team calling days and distribution service days be aligned?

A: Ideally they should be aligned not to push costs to either sales or distribution.

Q: Should I run a master or dynamic delivery environment?

A: If you have a high frequency, predictable volume environment then master routes could be considered. Dynamic routing based on a predefined service day or rep cycle model is best for most other type of environments.

Collaborative Xchange

EDI and Systems Integration

Q : How do we implement EDI communication between our systems and our customer’s?

A : Collaborative Xchange is able to automate EDI transactions for any file format, to and from any customer using any system. We also have a fully integrated Web management solution should you require additional functionality in relation to your EDI transactions.

Q : How do I consolidate all my Orders or delivery requests in a central location across numerous customers?

A : Collaborative Xchange have developed a number of Web solutions allowing you to group all your customer orders in a central web based location, this solution also allows for real time interaction on such orders with your customer, leaving a complete transaction trail in a secure always available online solution and also improves visibility of requirements between you and your customer/s.

Q : I need to send ASN’s ( Advanced Shipping Notices) to my customer/s.

A : With our easy to use on line Web solutions ASN creating and sending is easy and quick, our wizard driven template will guide you through each step of the process and is flexible enough to cater for your unique business rules or requirements.

Q : How could I include my LSP ( Logistics Service Provider ) automatically in my Supply Chain?

A : Collaborative Xchange have developed and implemented LSP integration for a number of industry verticals, this solution will share LSP requests with your LSP via automated EDI integration and also generate and provide your electronic Ewaybill to you in seconds. The solution could also keep your customer updated regardless of which ERP solution they use electronically in order to assist them in improving their warehouse space management.

Q : I need to supply goods to my customer in sequence via JIT / JIS methodologies.

A : We have developed a fully automated online JIT / JIS solution, a first of it’s kind in South Africa and a fraction of the cost of typical JIT / JIS solutions.

Q : I supply buffer stock to my customer but need to improve & automate this process.

A : Collaborative Xchange have developed the MyKanban solution which is an online buffer stock management tool and will automatically provide you with the stock you are required to deliver to your customer as well as the time / date expected to do so, the MyKanban solution will also take care of the Shipping or Invoice processes for you via our unique ASN module.

Q : I use Pastel Partner or Pastel Evolution and would like to automatically import my orders and export my Invoices.

A : We have developed an easy to use and implement application you can download and use with Pastel Partner / Evolution which will then enable full EDI automation between you and your customer/s.

Q : We have a lot of data warehouses and need a Business Intelligence (BI) solution so we can effectively track our KPI’s.

A : We have developed an on line KPI tracking solution which can collect data from any source, automatically apply your KPI algorithms and provide you with a real time dashboard of your relevant KPI’s. This solution also allows you to drill down to the details of your data with a click of a button.

If you have any other questions that are not answered above please contact us at queries@vscsolutions.co.za

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